USA Today listed some of the most anticipated theme park attractions for the new year, and there is New Jersey entrant among them, but it might not be where you would think.

It’s not at Six Flags Great Adventure, it’s at a mall, although at a mall that is still not open. The American Dream Mall in East Rutherford (plans for which were put together in 2003) has announced an April, 2019 opening date and will feature one of the most anticipated theme parks inside it: The Nickelodeon Universe, as well as other rides and attractions at the mall. ''

The USA Today article goes on to point out that other attractions include the DreamWorks Water Park which will cover 8 acres and be open year round; also, a 235 foot observation wheel, a Legloland Discovery Center, a Sea Life Aquarium, an indoor ski and snowboard park, and an indoor skating rink. According to the mall’s website, the complex will be 55% entertainment and 45% retail.

Some of the other attractions across the nation that were mentioned include the Star Wars attractions at Disney parks in California and Florida, the Lego Movie World at Legoland in Florida, and the Jurassic World at Universal Studios Hollywood in California.

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