SPARTA — You're beautiful.

Hearing those words were all it took to make people smile in a video compiled by AP Language students at Sparta High School. The video is now spreading across the web, making even more people smile.

After devoting the bulk of their school year to preparing for the AP exam, the students in Jamie Barker's class wanted to do something to help others.

Barker, a Sparta High School grad herself, said it was rewarding to not only see how passionate the students were about the video project, but also what a great reaction they got.

"This group of students in particular, they're great kids. They have a wonderful approach to everything they do and they wanted to use it to make people happy," she said. "A lot of them are bound to preparing for a test, so I really wanted to give them some freedom to run with something they were passionate about. That kind of intrinsically motivated them."

That motivation was all they needed to take on the project, which they did during class time but also during their lunch periods and after school.

When the project was over, the end result got a lot of good responses, and made its way throughout the community by social media, which Barker said was also a good thing for her students to see.

"I just think for them its been rewarding and also for other people to see that you can get attention through social media by doing something that's positive," she said. "It's just been nice that they are getting the attention and the accolades that they deserve for doing something that genuinely was just to make a difference for other people."

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