One of the things I always say about New Jersey is that you can live here your whole life and there are still things you can discover for the first time. That’s what makes New Jersey so amazing.

And we all know that it’s underrated when it comes to hidden treasures. There are a few secret spots that we New Jerseyans like to keep to ourselves.

There’s no end to the beautiful views and landscapes the Jersey Shore has to offer. When it comes to expensive vistas and especially beautiful seascapes, this is the place to be.

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But it’s not typically where I’d go for a high-up view — unless I was climbing a lighthouse! New Jersey's highest natural points are usually found inland, in our forests and mountains. So, I was amazed to learn that the best overlook in New Jersey is actually on the shore, in the quaint town of Highlands.

This spot, Mount Mitchill Scenic Overlook, is the highest point on the Atlantic Seaboard. And it’s also of the hidden treasures that I am most amazed by, and try to visit as often as possible.

Mount Mitchill Scenic Overlook is a charming small park with overlooks and monuments, offering one of the best views in the Garden State.

It towers over the Atlantic Ocean, providing a stunning view of the expansive barrier spit of Sandy Hook. It's not a widely known spot, so you might find you have plenty of space to enjoy the sights.

The sign at Mount Mitchill suggests a serene place — and it is — but there's also an incredible thrill at its heart. The overlook here is one of the highest on the eastern seaboard.

Binoculars are available to give you a closer look, and you can see the famous Sandy Hook barrier spit in the foreground—a top destination on the shore.

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