New Jersey has the second best public school system in the country according to a new report by the personal financial website, Wallethub.

Analyst Jill Gonzalez says 21 metrics including public high school graduation rates, test scores and school safety were used to create the 2017 list of "States with the Best and Worst School Systems."

New Jersey has one of the lowest high school drop-out rates in the nation, hovering around 10 percent, which is second lowest in the country.

Gonzalez says for every one teacher in New Jersey, there's an average of 12 students in the classroom.

"And that low number and more attention leads to better scores when we're looking at grates 4 and 8 testing and even ACT and SAT scores," says Gonzalez.

New Jersey did well across the board with most numbers in the top 10, some even in the top 5, says Gonzalez. She says it's not just the quality. It's the safety as well.

New Jersey has the ninth lowest rate of disciplined incidents when we're looking at a per capita student basis and it has the third lowest rate of students bringing weapons to school at under 3 percent.

New Jersey can use improvement in other areas. She says the state ranked middle-of-the-pack for high school students who were bullied on school property at just over 20 percent. The state is in the top 20 for cyberbullying, which is now at around 15 percent.

The study looked into the percentage of high school students that reported being injured or threatened with a weapon at at school at least once during the past year. In New Jersey, that was 6 percent of students, ranking the state 17th best in the nation.

Massachusetts has the best public school system in the nation when it comes to both quality and safety. Louisiana has the worst, ranking 44th in quality and dead last in safety.

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