A new report finds New Jersey has some of the best small towns in the nation.


The Money Magazine survey finds Berkeley Heights ranks sixth in America, Montville is 13th, and Hillsborough is 16th.

"The Garden State is such a great place to live, it's convenient to Manhattan, it's convenient to Philadelphia," says the President of the New Jersey Association of Realtors, Tina Banasiak.

She points out Jersey is a small enough State so that it only takes an hour or two to get anywhere, and we've got some of the best schools in the nation.

"Families looking to settle down want a sense of community," she says, "and you want that neighborly feel. You want to know people are friendly, that there's recreation and things for your children to do - I think New Jersey offers that, and I think that's throughout the state."

"Mortgage rates are still low, so it really is a great time to consider buying a home before the market fully recovers."