HILLSBOROUGH — Firefighters arrived at the parking lot of a salvage company in town to find a Tesla engulfed in flames.

A number of local fire departments were dispatched to the scene on Friday.

According to a Facebook post from Station 37, responders were on location for several hours, but a decision was made to allow the electric vehicle to burn itself out, rather than to extinguish the blaze with water.

An electric vehicle fire can require tens of thousands of gallons of water because their lithium batteries burn extremely hot.

Facebook via Hillsborough Twp. Station 37 Fire
Facebook via Hillsborough Twp. Station 37 Fire

Once the fire went out, the fire department said, any remaining battery packs were cooled with water.

According to a report by Patch, the cause of the fire was being investigated on Friday; it's not considered suspicious. New Jersey 101.5 has made attempts to contact officials at the fire department and police department.

Officials in New Jersey have been preparing for an uptick in these types of fires as more electric vehicles hit the road.

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