A FedEx driver in Hackensack held on to the side of her truck as it was being stolen, getting dragged for 20 feet before letting go.

According to The Daily Voice, police say the unnamed driver was delivering a package when she got elbowed in the chest by a man on the elevator. The man went outside, got in the van and took off, police say. The driver pursued and got to the van in time to grab on to the passenger-side door, and then she hung on for 20 feet before being forced to let go, according to police.

The Hackensack Police report they found the unoccupied van a short time later parked by a Dunkin Donuts. The man police identified as the thief, Joseph Dunsay, was found after officers scoured the area and identified the suspect. He was charged with theft and creating a public alarm (he had pulled the fire alarm when he left the building).

The FedEx driver declined to sign a complaint for the assault in the elevator. Anyone that dedicated to her job deserves a medal. (And a raise!)

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