Justin Casquejo is 20 years old and it's anyone's guess if he'll make 30. He's the jerk from Weehawken, NJ who likes to break trespass laws and violate building security and scale tall buildings in NYC. He's the same guy who made national news at 16 by eluding security at the World Trade Center and filmed himself dangling off it.

No matter how many times this death wish dimwit gets picked up by police, he's always back at it. Earlier this year on March 18 he was arrested again for hanging from atop a crane on a 38 story building on West 61st Street. In court answering those charges, he claimed the NYPD violated his rights. How? He says police went through his cell phone without his permission or a warrant. Gee, so you don't like people going where they don't belong Justin? Funny. His lawyer also says when Casquejo needed his phone to retrieve the lawyer's number police would not let him have it. You'd think after all the times he's been arrested for this nonsense he'd know that number by heart.

If you're wondering why I'm sounding so put off by this guy, it's because it's not all about him. If he wanted to be a professional daredevil and arranged his death-defying stunts where others couldn't be injured or killed, I would never call him a jerk. He wouldn't be breaking any laws to do what Robbie Knievel did. By breaking laws to sneak into places he doesn't belong and no one knowing what he's up to he's putting innocent lives at risk. He can never guarantee he won't fall and take out an innocent person on a sidewalk below. Not to mention what he'd put first responders through having to see the aftermath.

If you still think what this guy does is his own business, take a look at this video and maybe you'll see it differently.

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