JERSEY CITY — Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise is dragging his local paper for its continued reporting on his daughter, Councilwoman Amy DeGise, following a hit-and-run last month.

The county executive called The Jersey Journal a "rag" and a "mean spirited tabloid" in a Facebook post on Saturday. His critique came two days before the New Jersey Globe first reported that Tom DeGise, 72, will not run for reelection next year after 20 years in office.

A daily paper covering Hudson County, The Jersey Journal has repeatedly reported on the Jersey City councilwoman's controversial past.

Councilwoman Amy DeGise is accused of leaving the scene after hitting a bicyclist on 7/19/2022. (
Councilwoman Amy DeGise is accused of leaving the scene after hitting a bicyclist on 7/19/2022. (

It dug up Amy DeGise's driving record which includes four accidents, two license suspensions, and dozens of parking tickets. The outlet also reported that DeGise lives in an apartment for low-income families despite making nearly $200,000 a year and that she failed to pay a $2,865 veterinarian bill.

In his post, Tom DeGise blamed the reporting for cyberbullying and threats targeting his daughter.

“The social media posts contain the most vile language I have ever seen with liberal use of the F word and the C word,” DeGise said. “In a society where public figures are targets of violence the JJ is painting a target on Amy’s back. This matter will be adjudicated in a court room not by a lynch mob carrying torches and pitchforks.”

The county executive has also received comments on his own page, including on recent posts unrelated to his daughter.

One comment on Tom DeGise's Facebook page. (Screenshot/Townsquare Media)
One comment on Tom DeGise's Facebook page. (Screenshot/Townsquare Media)

DeGise, a self-described "progressive Democrat" on his personal website, added that the paper had become an "attack dog for the radical left" and was targeting his family.

“Together we will weather this storm and survive because we will support each other. And we will always have a deep love in our family," DeGise said.

Several local politicians and former officials commented on DeGise's post. The Jersey Journal reported that Kearny Mayor Al Santos, Jersey City Councilman Rich Boggiano, and former Jersey City Council President Mariano Vega offered words of support.

Two sitting members of the council have called on Amy DeGise to resign but a spokesperson for the councilwoman said she will "complete her full term.

New Jersey 101.5 has reached out to Tom DeGise for comment.

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