JERSEY CITY — The councilwoman accused of hitting an UberEats bicyclist and fleeing the scene reportedly has no plans to resign despite calls from protestors and her peers to step down.

Phil Swibinski, a spokesman for Councilwoman Amy DeGise, told the New Jersey Globe that "she has no intention of walking away from the commitment she made to serve the people of Jersey City."

"She will not resign and plans to complete her full term and continue in public service. Amy recognizes the calls that have been made for additional information and transparency,” Swinbinski said.

Protestors call on Jersey City Councilwoman Amy DeGise to resign at Pedestrian Plaza on 7/30/2022. (@danieljberrier on Twitter)
Protestors call on Jersey City Councilwoman Amy DeGise to resign at Pedestrian Plaza on 7/30/2022. (@danieljberrier on Twitter)

Swinbinski added that DeGise will not make a public comment on the hit-and-run until "the legal process is concluded."

Video footage of the collision around 8 a.m. on July 19 showed DeGise's vehicle hit a bicyclist at the intersection of Forrest Street and Martin Luther King Drive and did not stop. The Hudson County View reported that DeGise did not report the incident until six hours later.

DeGise has been facing growing pressure to resign, including from fellow council members James Solomon and Frank Gilmore.

Protestors gathered at Pedestrian Plaza on Saturday afternoon with signs calling for DeGise's resignation. The Jersey City Times reported that around 75 people attended.

Hit-and-run victim Andrew Black was at the protest and spoke to the crowd, HudPost reported.

“I’m not out here seeking a vendetta or any of that. All I am seeking is justice. And how we get justice is right here," Black said.

Black had told police at the scene that he had a green light when entering the intersection. Video footage showed that he looked only one way and had a red light.

The footage also appeared to show that DeGise did not slow down before or after hitting Black.

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