JERSEY CITY — A member of the City Council who reportedly hit an UberEats bicyclist and fled the scene is facing demands for her resignation from her peers.

In security footage released Tuesday, Jersey City Councilwoman Amy DeGise appeared to drive off from the intersection of Forrest Street and Martin Luther King Drive after hitting the cyclist on July 19. first reported on the hit-and-run.

The video appeared to show the bicyclist running a red light and that DeGise did not slow down before or after the collision.

Two members of the City Council have called on DeGise, a former Hudson County Democratic chairwoman, to resign. James Solomon and Frank Gilmore both said she should step down.

"After carefully reviewing the CCTV footage, considering a council member hit an individual with her SUV, and left the scene without checking on the individual am calling for the resignation of Council member DeGise," said Gilmore.

Solomon said in a statement that if DeGise does not resign, she should be recalled.

"Public servants must be held to a higher standard," Solomon said. "While Councilmember DeGise is entitled to forgiveness and her day in court, both should come as a private citizen."

Victim Andrew Black told that he was hit while on his way to McDonald's around 8 a.m. to pick up an UberEats order for delivery. Black said he suffered deep bruising and cuts but no major injuries.

In an interview posted to Instagram, Black said that he was unaware of who was driving the vehicle that hit him or the news coverage surrounding the incident before being contacted by

Black said he was upset that "someone of prestige would fall to a point where they would ignore the law they are demanding to uphold and they are trying to clean our streets or whatever they are calling it, they can’t even do it themselves."

Councilwoman is accused of leaving the scene after hitting a bicyclist on 7/19/2022. (
Councilwoman is accused of leaving the scene after hitting a bicyclist on 7/19/2022. (

Mayor Steve Fulop called for the release of the CCTV footage Monday in an interview with NJ Spotlight News. However, he stopped short of calling for DeGise's resignation.

“You should never leave the scene of a crash. I think the responsible thing is to wait for law enforcement and follow the law. I don’t think there’s any circumstances where that’s really justifiable," Fulop said.

Fulop and DeGise ran on the same ticket in November's election. The mayor's office did not respond to a request for comment Wednesday.

DeGise also did not respond to a request for comment.

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