Has Gov. Murphy made us better or worse by declaring New Jersey a "sanctuary state?"

After NJ limited cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, they are now taking their raids straight to the workplace and the street, netting people they would not have been otherwise looking for. That's what happens when you poke the government gorilla.

ICE recently completed a series of sweeps across New Jersey, taking almost 90 into custody. Among those arrested: several wanted by INTERPOL for crimes in their home countries. More raids are expected in the weeks and months ahead. Governor Murphy has spent a lot of his time dealing with those who are in this country illegally. He's using taxpayer money to get them lawyers to fight deportation, he's also trying to get them drivers licenses.

Eric is a blue collar contractor in New Jersey who usually discusses his frustration with his wife, but on Tuesday he waited almost an hour to get through and voice his opinion on New Jersey 101.5.

Eric said, "This man has failed this state and his obsession with illegal immigration has gone maddening." He passionately goes on, "The Governor has done a train wreck job since he's been here and the only thing he talks about is illegal immigration, what am I going to do for the illegals, when is Phil Murphy going to do for us, the people of New Jersey, the people who voted for him?"

Eric feels we deserve better, "It's a shame, the state was named last month the most financially irresponsible state in the country, we better do something quick because as a tax payer and hard working contractor, I have to obey the law, Murphy better realize he's not above the law!"

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