Nick Jonas, of “Jonas Brothers” fame, was born on September 16th, 1992, in Dallas. While he was born in Texas, he grew up in Wyckoff, New Jersey. According to New Jersey Monthly, Nick’s father, a minister, accepted a position at a Wyckoff church when Nick was three.

When he was 13, the family moved to Little Falls where they lived until the boys’ careers took off and they moved to Los Angeles. The story is told from multiple sources that Nick was discovered while singing in a beauty salon while his mother was getting her hair done. Another patron heard his singing voice and gave Nick’s mom the number of a talent agent and he started getting work on Broadway. Nick’s mom started home schooling him as his career on Broadway started demanding more of his time.

He was signed to a recording contract when he was 12 years old, by Columbia Records. His older brothers, Joe and Kevin were signed later. After being dropped by Columbia, they signed with Hollywood Records just as their popularity started skyrocketing due to their appearances on Disney Channel shows, including Miley Cyrus’s phenomenon, Hannah Montana. That was followed by the brothers being featured in the Disney Channel’s hit movie, Camp Rock, which led to them getting their own show from Disney: Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream.

Since then, the brothers sold millions of records before splitting up and then reuniting. Earlier this year, they released their first single in five years, “Sucker,” which hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. His brother, Kevin, married a Jersey girl, Danielle Jonas, from Denville. Nick married singer/actress Priyanka Chopra. He also has a clothing line and his own brand of tequila.

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