Well, those of you who are seasoned travelers know that checking your luggage at Newark Airport can be a lot like marrying Jennifer Lopez, eventually, it will be your turn. Eventually, if you check your luggage at Newark, you may get it and hopefully it will be in one piece. The results for baggage handling and the nation’s top 25 worst airports are in and the results are not pretty for Newark Airport.

Forbes Advisor did an extensive study on the top 25 worst airports for lost or damaged luggage based on four metrics collected from the TSA including frequency of mishandled luggage claims, and the percentage of those claims that are reimbursed in full.

According to Forbes Advisor:

Newark Liberty International Airport’s score: 78.07 out of 100

  • Between 2013 and 2022, Newark Liberty International Airport had the fourth-highest number of property loss claims (1.05 claims per 100,000 domestic passengers) among the 100 busiest airports.
  • EWR also tied with Albany International Airport for having the fifth-highest number of property damage claims (0.77 claims per 100,000 domestic passengers) over the past decade.
Newark Airport Terminal A (credit Port Authority of New York New Jersey)
Newark Airport new Terminal A (credit Port Authority of New York New Jersey)

Those numbers are significant considering that last year in 2022 there were over 21.5 million passengers who passed through Newark Airport.

I was also shocked to see the number of lost or mishandled claims that were not reimbursed. That has become a contention of many travelers. You trust the airline with your luggage, your belongings, you do everything right in the check-in process, you check your bag to go on a well-deserved vacation and you get there, but your luggage does not. You now must go through an extensive process to try and get your bag back but in some cases, it is to no avail. Say goodbye to your luggage, say goodbye to your belongings and in some cases so goodbye to the thought of reimbursement.

The worst airport in the country for mishandled and lost luggage is JFK in New York. Many of us will sneak over to JFK to fly internationally or catch a cheaper flight to our destination. Well that move to JFK increases your chance of them losing your luggage. With carry-on restrictions seeming to get tighter and less traveler friendly, more of us are checking our bags.

Delays And Cancellations Continue To Plague Airline Industry Heading Into Holiday Weekend
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Some of my friends are thinking ahead and shipping their clothes by UPS to a hotel or destination ahead of their arrival to assure getting their belongings when they arrive. With the airlines charging big money for heavier bags and larger suitcases, this may also be a cost-efficient alternative. In addition, the insurance at UPS on your belongings is a lot easier to get and receive if your belongings don’t arrive.

Good luck traveling, this is one of the many reasons why I’m driving to most of my vacation destinations.

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