KEANSBURG — A second video has surfaced of a school bus speeding along Route 18 at 80 mph.

After New Jersey 101.5 on Tuesday posted a listener-submitted video showing a driver for Shamrock Stage Coach driving at speeds of at least 80 mph, the driver was "terminated," according to company manager Linda Cott. She declined to answer additional questions Wednesday.

A second video submitted Wednesday by a different listener shows the same bus as the original video. A shot of the car's speedometer shows the vehicle going up to 80 mph behind the bus. The posted speed limit is 65.

The latest footage, taken on Sept. 27, shows the bus frequently changing lanes near the Garden State Parkway exit in Tinton Falls.

The driver, who asked that his name not to be used in this story, said there appeared to be two or three children on the bus, one of whom was standing.

"I started videotaping because she blew right by me when I was driving in the fast lane. At one point (the driver) tailgates the guy in front of her," the driver said.

The driver said he called both Shamrock and the Keansburg police to report the speeding.


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"To be honest with you, the person I spoke to at Shamrock left me with the feeling that NOTHING would be done," the driver said in a written statement.

"I have been asking myself for a month now what I should do with the video… I was going to put it on Facebook but didn’t want to cross any legal lines."

The first driver, who also asked not to be identified, said he was not optimistic anything would come of his call to #77, the state's line to report aggressive drivers.

"It is just wasting time" to call it, he said. He was pleased the driver was let go by Shamrock after New Jersey 101.5 made his video public.

"People working with kids need to be more careful and cautious," he said.

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