The last time Christine Martucci and Anthony Krizan came on my show, they recorded "Jersey Style"- which has lit up the shore. This time they came in and laid down a touching song about veterans returning home called "Home Don't Feel Like Home," which is an ASCAP Foundation award winner.

The song, written by Cheryl DaVeiga and Krizan, a former Spin Doctor, was crafted while sitting at the General Patton Bar at West Point. It speaks to the core of what our veterans face when they return from a combat zone, fighting off the effects of PTSD and transitioning back into "life." The song hits home for Martucci, who's a 10 year veteran herself. Cheryl told New Jersey 101.5 that once she made the song about a veteran, it all fell into place.

"Home Don't Feel Like Home" was debuted publicly on May 5th at the Stone Pony. Part of the proceeds go to

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