This is the song you want to blast as you head down the shore on a Friday night!

Christine Martucci's "Jersey Style" is definitely a song with a mission. It so much more than just a great time — it's a chance to make a better life for those vets suffering with PTSD.

Martucci is an Army vet who has dealt with the challenges of deployment. She's selling her song on a name-your-own-price basis of $1 or more — any proceeds over that initial dollar go to 

VetRest provides coaches to veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress. CEO Robert F. Vicci, LTC (Ret) and his people are relentless in helping these vets. I know this because I'm looped in on their e-mail chain. They are always trying to find work for vets so if you'd like to hire one, please reach out to "Veech" at He answers fast. Believe me, I know ;)

Of course if you want to make a donation or get your copy of "Jersey Style" click here.

Both are well worth it.

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