In the build up to the Super Bowl last week, people took to social media to comment on a video showing Tom Brady kissing his 11 year-old son on the lips. So we asked New Jerseyans what is the proper etiquette when it comes to who you kiss on the lips. We suspected it varied according to the various ethnic groups that call the Garden State home. It did and it didn't.

  • Most people think Italians are very affectionate, but most people of Italian ancestry said, 'FAHGETABOTIT' when it came to kissing anybody on the lips expect their spouse or significant other.
  • A few Hispanic callers said close family members, yes. Children, no problem, but the one second rule was in effect. Any longer than that and they begin to worry.
  • We had a few people claiming Irish ancestry calling to say, kissing family on the lips is perfectly acceptable, especially at funerals. Irish funerals and wakes, my favorite social outing, btw, with all due respect.
  • We had a few African Americans call to say, "black folk kiss on the lips, that ain't a problem". "You don't know how long we'll all be here, show the love".
  • Several people called to say you only kiss dead people on the forehead, never on the lips. Whew... thanks for telling me, you don't know how many times I've been tempted to plant a wet one on Aunt Carmela in the casket.

The main conclusion seemed to be that you can kiss your kids on the lips up til the age of ten and beyond that the general consensus is UNLESS YOU'RE SOME SORT OF FREAK.... JUST MAKE IT A PECK ON THE CHEEK!

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