Budd Van Lines is one of the strongest and most solid companies in the Garden State. Headquartered in Somerset County, Budd Van Lines was founded by Dave Budd in 1975 and now has hundreds of employees with tens of millions in revenue as they move thousands of families across the nation.

Consider that Dave started the company with two trucks out of his garage.

I had a great opportunity to meet with the team at their headquarters earlier this week as we held a small business Common Sense town hall. Speaking in the warehouse with containers bearing the company's logo piled high.

Bill Spadea at Budd Van Lines
Bill Spadea at Budd Van Lines

It was a great opportunity for me to meet some of the fantastic people that make Budd Van Lines a terrific company and discuss our plans to get common sense back into New Jersey's government. Out of the several dozen attendees, we were honored to have some of the company's top executives on hand, including Mrs. Marcy Budd who joined on Facetime from Florida.

It was great to meet the company president, Tom Torcomian, and several other executives including Felicia You, Gary Grund, Brian Huff, Ken Jerry, and many others. We were also joined by employees from several other companies in the area and the Somerset County Chamber president Leonard Harris.

Bill Spadea at Budd Van Lines
Bill Spadea at Budd Van Lines

We discussed everything from the outrageously high tax burden and cost of living for middle and working-class families. The enormous cost of repairs given the state of some Jersey roads and the damage they inflict on the trucking fleet was a top issue along with the proposed extension of the corporate business tax surcharge.

Budd Van Lines passed the test with flying colors that I give to every company I tour, are the employees smiling and happy to be there? From the drivers to the top brass, the answer is a big "yes."

The team at Budd Van Lines clearly loves the job they are able to do every day and that is certainly reflected in the high-quality service they provide to their customers. If you are looking to move within New Jersey or across the country, Budd Van Lines has you covered.


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