Trying to name one place in New Jersey that is the best place to get a sandwich is a bit of a slippery slope. It might rank right up there with trying to name the best pizza in the state.

As a matter of fact, short of pizza, there may be no type of food that New Jersey residents take more seriously than a nice sandwich.

But we're nothing if we're not open-minded here in New Jersey, and we do enjoy the opinions of a good foodie — the folks at Espresso have named their choice for the best place to get a sandwich in New Jersey.

Let's all get ready to head to Maplewood, and make sure you have a healthy appetite.

These foodie experts say the best place to get a sandwich in all of New Jersey is True Salvage Cafe.

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We have three distinct pronunciation of the word that describes this amazing type of food.

Whether you're a "sandwich" person, a "sang-wich" lover, or a big fan of a "sam-wich", you definitely have your favorite place to grab one, and you're pretty loyal to that sandwich joint you love.

True Salvage Cafe is located at 292 Elmwood Ave. in Maplewood.

The chef, Signe Heffernan was born and raised right in town, so every meal gets special attention before it heads to you.

And, those great sandwiches are served with homemade chips, so the bonuses just keep on coming.

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