Verizon has studied how much TV Americans watch and ranked them by state, as well as identifying what genre each state likes most. While West Virginians watch the most television, New Jersey is in the upper half, ranking 14th in most hours watched at just about 3 hours, 20 minutes daily. See the full study here.

The genre most watched in the Garden State is Reality TV. Verizon points out that reality shows tend to be most popular in the states that host them, with our state hosting both Jersey Shore and Real Housewives of New Jersey. The most popular type of TV show in the country is sitcoms, with nine states watching those the most. The rest of the top ten after West Virginia are Delaware, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Nevada, North Dakota, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Arkansas. The states that watched the least amount of TV are: Utah (the very least), Maine, Vermont, Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Minnesota, Washington, Montana, and California.

The people of West Virginia watch over two hours more of TV a day than those in Utah. The favorite category in West Virginia is Soap Opera, and in Utah it is Animated Cartoon.

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