And once again, New Jersey tops the list of "out-migration" as average people sick of over-regulation, high taxes and radical government policies that do nothing to address the cost of living and quality of life.

Government has abandoned the working and middle class families in our state as they spend their time pushing legislation that enriches their radical special interest friends.

Meanwhile, as the governor changes the goal once again from "flattening the curve" (which happened naturally as it does EVERY viral season) to 70% vaccinations, there is no end in sight. All this is happening as states like Texas, Florida, Tennessee and many others have moved past closures and mask mandates to reopen and allow people to get back to normal. No spike in hospitalizations, sickness and deaths. They are having a problem in California, of course, proving that mandatory masks and lockdowns may in fact be fueling the spread of disease.

New Jersey residents are not only planning to leave, they're doing it. Four out of the top 10 "out-migration" metro areas are in the Garden State. Are you surprised? I'm not. And as much as I love New Jersey, I can't blame anyone for escaping to a freer, more prosperous, business and family friendly environment.

Here's a tweet pulling the local list of the top areas losing people:

Are you staying in New Jersey for the coming fight? Or have you decided that it's a better future for your family to get out?

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