Well, New Jersey, it turns out we can’t even get THIS right.

Almost as unavoidable as death and taxes is the occasional need to use a public restroom. It’s never a good experience.

A recent study, however, discovered that not only is it not a good experience to use a public bathroom in New Jersey, it’s worse than in most other state.

Lavatory Lab polled thousands of people across the U.S. to determine which states had good or bad experiences when they had to… you know… “go.”

There’s so much to consider when it comes to how to rank your experience:

Were there enough stalls?

Khotcharak Siriwong
Khotcharak Siriwong

Was there anything -let’s say- “leftover” on the toilet seat when you walked in?

Was the gap between the door and the rest of the stall large enough that you could make eye contact with someone on the other side?

Was there toilet paper?

Was it too late when you realized the answer is “no?”

Close-up of finished toilet paper roll in bathroom

Was the garbage can overflowing with damp paper towels?

Were there no paper towels and you had to use the air dryer that only kind of gets your hands dry?

manual paper towel dispenser in public bathroom by sink.

Did it stink so badly that you had to hold your breath the entire time?

I could go on, but I think you get the picture: there’s a lot at play here.

According to the study New Jersey bathrooms ranked as the 18th worst in the country, we gave them a rating of 5/10.

Something to keep in mind next time you’re in Wyoming: they came in dead last with a score of 3.5/10. You’d be much better off in Vermont or Maine where they give their bathrooms a glowing 8/10.

Keep this in mind next time you’re at the Jon Bon Jovi rest stop. See how other states ranked their experiences below:

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