On April 12th, 1782, Captain Joshua Huddy of the New Jersey Patriot Militia, who had been captured in Toms River, was taken to Highlands and hanged by the Associated Loyalist, according to the book On this Day in New Jersey History.

Huddy had been captured twice being captured the first time at his home in Colts Neck but escaped the first time with the help of Patriots on the other side of the Shrewsbury River who capsized the boat allowing Huddy to swim to safety. Huddy was put in charge of a small fort in Toms River that was raided by Loyalists who burned it down and taking Huddy prisoner. A Loyalist named Phillp White had died in Patriot custody, and Huddy’s execution was in retaliation for that.

The Loyalists left a note on Huddy’s dead body saying that’s why he was killed. He was left hanging from the gallows where Patriots found his body and took it back to Freehold where he was buried in Old Tennent Church.

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