Tickets went on sale this week for Hoboken's Mac n' Cheese Festival taking place on March 23rd. There are so many variations of the famous comfort food, that the possibilities are endless. New Jersey has such a rich and diverse food history and selection, we are THE prime place for a whole host of food festivals that would wow any foodie from anywhere in the world. So we asked our listeners if there were one food you would like an entire festival dedicated to, what would it be? Here are the top contenders that would be sure to draw big crowds....

  • HOT DOG FESTIVAL... With so many different variations of dogs and toppings, not to mention the "Italian Hot Dog", most famous in northern counties, it's a can't miss!
  • CHEESE CAKE & CHEESE STEAK... Why not combine two comfort food favorites, one sweet and one savory? I'd go!
  • BAGEL FESTIVAL... Yeah, different types and toppings. Not to mention sandwich ideas, grilled and otherwise. Let's do it!
  • PIZZA FESTIVAL... There's no state in the nation that has better pizza and more creative styles and toppings. It would draw from other states, maybe even nationwide. A no brainer.
  • WHISKEY & BACON… Uh, it's New Jersey but it's still 'Murica' aint it?! Who doesn't like one or both?
  • MEATBALL... You can't throw a Jersey tomato in this state without hitting someone who says, "my mother/grandmother makes the best meatballs in the whole world." Case closed.
  • GRILLED CHEESE... Endless possibilities, gourmet and otherwise. Various breads, limitless insides and appeals to ALL age groups. Could be a regional phenomenon.
  • PASTA FEAST... You could have a whole section just for lasagna! So many shapes, sizes and stuffings to choose from, not to mention the sauces. Plus hot and cold. New Jersey is perfect place for this one.

Well, what are you waiting for? All you need is some open space and a ton of social media followers and it'll be amazing! I'll plug the crap out of it myself! Nicer weather is not that far off...

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