The more people I talk to the more they tell me they do not sleep as well as they used to. The fact remains here in New Jersey we are losing precious hours of sleep.

Many adults blame trouble sleeping on concerns they have for health issues, financial worries, family dynamics, and employment problems. Let us face it, we are all presented with obstacles every waking day.

Sleep deprivation causes serious health ramifications. According to sleep experts, there is an increase in diabetes, obesity, and depression as well as a higher risk of a decrease in work performance, staying awake while driving, and overall decision-making.

The Centers for Disease Control (the CDC) says that to maintain a healthy lifestyle you should grab at least 7 hours of sleep a night. Well then, we are in trouble here in New Jersey because according to the CDC, over 2.5 million adults aged 20 and over do not get enough sleep here in New Jersey. That is 37.5% of the population that is tired and cannot sleep compared to the national average of 35% of adults nationwide or over 90 million people.

New Jersey ranks 17th in the country as the state with the most sleep deprivation.


Hawaii ranks number one, which I cannot understand since it is paradise 24/7 there every day and the sound of ukuleles wafts throughout the air. I am being sarcastic but altruistic.

The CDC suggests that exercising, restricting caffeine, going to bed at the same time every night, and avoiding large meals and alcohol should help in a night of better sleep.


I have sleep issues and it frustrates me so much, especially knowing that I must get up early for an important day and I am up wide awake all night. I have tried sleep aids, special pillows, sound machines, massages, and other tricks and formulas to try and get a solid night’s sleep, all to no avail. I’m going to keep

on trying and doing what I can to get those 7 hours of sleep. I am only short 4 hours a night. I wish you good luck and sweet dreams.

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