Not only has the government betrayed the principles of public service by locking down and isolating healthy people in the name of "safety," but many corporations have enabled the government to keep up the charade by imposing unnecessary and dangerous rules of their own. The victims in our state continue to grow as the rest of the nation and world open up and return to normal, New Jersey is stuck in 2020 entering Day 348 of 15 days to stop the spread.

I've been saying for most of this reckless journey about the need to lighten up about COVID and ignore the ever-changing rules imposed by so-called "experts." I've written extensively citing medical experts about the uselessness of masks and the dangers of continued isolation. It is past time to take off the mask and recognize that healthy people are largely unaffected by the new strain of virus. Don't get fooled by the new strains being discussed in the media.

People are not dying in waves. Actually most are not even getting sick. The minute that the cycle threshold was lowered on testing in the U.S. (see the ineffective and inaccurate PCR test) the numbers dropped through the floor. Actually, a nearly 80% drop in the past six weeks according to one of the top docs at Johns Hopkins. He goes on to say that two-thirds of the US population has likely already had the virus and 55% already had natural immunity. AND, we will hit natural herd immunity this April. All without the vaccine being taken by "70% of the adult population," as Gov. Murphy keeps begging for. Nope, just a virus that ran its course and will always be with us, with most barely even noticing it. We know that schools are actually the safest place for teachers and students. No masks, no distance, no isolation necessary.

Despite the facts, New Jersey continues to keep healthy people isolated and kids remote. The mental health damage has led to a rise in substance abuse, anxiety, depression and yes, suicides.

One organization addressing the crisis is "Contact of Mercer" based in Pennington. Executive Director Eleanor Letcher joined me on the latest episode of my #SpeakingPodcast to ask for volunteers and to explain how people in need can get help.

It's a serious crisis in New Jersey, far worse than any new strain of a virus with a 99.8% survival rate, even higher if you're younger than 41.

If you need help or would like to volunteer to help those suffering from mental stress and anguish, please go the website

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