If you've ever had a car stolen you know the absolute feeling of violation, the fear, the anger and disgust. Well, it happened to my daughter earlier this week in Philadelphia. While she was out to dinner around 8 o'clock in the evening, some worthless pieces of s*** smashed her window and took her car on a joyride.

She was parked on the street in a very popular and generally safe part of the city. The car ended up in what is known as the badlands of North Philly. The cops and the insurance company told her it was probably taken by teenagers and would turn up in a few days.

Yes, it did turn up three days later completely trashed with any and all valuables taken out of it.

If you've ever had a car returned after some animals had their way with it, you know the feeling of absolute disgust you get in the pit of your stomach.

The fact that human beings, no matter what age, would do that to someone else's property is incomprehensible to most of us. Car theft in Philadelphia is rampant following a record-breaking rate last year. Overall Pennsylvania is ranked 12th in the nation for car theft increases.

Car thief, car theft

New Jersey is ranked 6th overall in the nation with a 21.9% increase since 2020. The most popular cars to steal among car thieves in our state are Hondas.

Prosecutors have to get tough on car thieves no matter what age they are. Mandatory jail time or some sort of harsh punishment is the only way to stop this. They can't just be let out with a slap on the wrist to do it again. Police know that they'll be out to do it again, so where's the incentive to catch the bad guys?

Thank God my daughter is ok and there are worse things that happen in life than having your car stolen and trashed. So much of our society is devolving into chaos and depravity. We need strong political leadership and tough law enforcement to try and turn this thing around.

More importantly, we need strong families raising kids with good moral values and discipline. It all begins at home with two parents. The government has made sure you don't need to have that anymore. So here we are.

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