The state's largest teachers union will examine its own members' conduct after undercover videos published by a conservative group showed union officials in two districts discussing how they use questionable means to defend teachers accused of wrongdoing.

Yes, men can be sexually harassed in the workplace, too. Just ask the guys whoo worked for Point Pleasant's school district when they say Andrea Giuffrida was kissing, grabbing and groping them. The accusations cost Giuffrida her job — and now her career. The State Board of Examiners, the government body that regulates teaching credentials in New Jersey, last month voted to permanently revoke Giuffrida’s certifications. She has been a teacher since 1994.

The Murphy administration projects that the cost of the recent contract settlement with the Communications Workers of America’s state workers will be around $149 million. On Wednesday, Murphy told reporters in Trenton that he didn’t know an exact number for the program’s cost, and he reiterated Thursday in Edison that the final totals aren’t yet available. He said the costs are fully covered in the adjusted 2018 and proposed 2019 state budgets.

With the state Legislature considering several tax hikes put forth by Gov. Phil Murphy, a new study finds New Jersey ranks dead last in the region for business climate competitiveness. The New Jersey Business and Industry Association analysis reviewed several factors including the minimum wage rate, income tax rate, corporate tax rate, sales tax rate, property taxes as a percentage of home value and the top unemployment tax rate of seven Northeast states, including New Jersey.

Gov. Phil Murphy wants you to read his lips: No new taxes for the middle class. But not just yet. In its first year, the Murphy administration has proposed raising taxes in one of the highest taxed states in the county by $1.6 billion. Marking his 100th day in office, the Democrat said raising taxes to pay for new programs is “the right thing to do.”

Action is stirring in Trenton around the issue of allowing immigrants not legally in the country to get limited-purpose New Jersey driver’s licenses. It was broached at two budget hearings this week, and the Motor Vehicle Commission’s leader, Sue Fulton, said that the agency has started doing its due diligence on the topic, given that Gov. Phil Murphy supported the idea as a candidate.

With fewer homes to choose from these days, and more folks going after those homes, snagging a property within your budget isn't as likely. A survey of recent homebuyers, by, found that one-third went beyond their budget by $16,510 on average.

The number of patients in New Jersey’s medical marijuana program is now approaching 20,000, but the Department of Health expects that recent expansions of the program will help it grow to 40,000 to 50,000 by June 2019.

New Jersey can be a pretty stressful place to live. It's home to expensive housing costs, congested roadways and a high pace of life. These three factors alone can induce stress in even the most laid-back person. So it might come as a surprise that New Jersey doesn't even rank in the top 20 as the most stressed states in the U.S. In the latest Forever 39 episode, we take a look at stress in New Jersey and why life in the great Garden State might be a lot more ideal when compared to our neighbors.

It's a totally new chapter in New Jersey's pork roll saga. First, there's the beloved meat product itself. Then, there was the beer by NJ's own Flying Fish Brewing. Now, fans of the Jersey staple can grab a con-ful of Taylor Ham ice cream. A Sussex County creamery is offering "Taylor Ham and French Toast" as a seasonal, limited edition flavor.