The only downside I could see in taking a job at Dave & Buster's is how do you focus on your job while surrounded by that much fun? I'd be fired in an hour because they couldn't pull me away from the basketball hoops or the ski ball.

Dave & Buster's is opening a new location next month at Willowbrook Mall in Wayne. They're looking to fill 300 jobs. A quick look at their site indicates they could use bartenders and bar backs, cocktail servers and line cooks, special events assistants, game technicians and many other jobs.

This is the second Dave & Buster's opening in New Jersey. The first was at the Woodbridge Mall. The new location will occupy the massive space at the Willowbrook Mall which Sears used to have. This would have been a dream job for me when I was younger, except for that pesky part where I might be having too much fun to concentrate!

If you want to look into a job opportunity for the new Dave & Buster's you can find everything you need right here.

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