Can you imagine having to name just one Italian restaurant as the very best?

How about giving this establishment "the best in the U.S. status?" That's a big deal.

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As you know, here in Jersey we don't take our Italian food lightly.

Yes, I'm one of those people that says Italian food in New Jersey and the tri-state is better than you'll find anywhere else in America.

I'll never forget traveling to see my cousin for the first time in Arizona.

When I arrived he said what do you want to get for dinner?

After being on a long flight I wanted to keep it simple so I suggested we get a pie.


My cousin replied: "First if you order a pie here you're going to get an apple or cherry. Second, you really don't want pizza out here."

The obvious choice for cuisine right near the border in Tucson is Mexican. That's what we ended up going with.

As we were driving to pick up our dinner we passed a Little Ceasars. They had a drive- thru and there were cars wrapped around the place two or three times.

I asked my cousin, are you kidding me with the Little Ceasars? He said that's "good pizza" here.

Now I'm not saying that there aren't any delicious and authentic Italian places in Arizona. However, here in Jersey, there are so many exceptional establishments that make for a lot more competition.

When I first read that 5 Reasons To Visit was identifying New Jersey's best Italian restaurant, one of my favorite spots popped into my mind.

Spanos Ristorante Italiano is exceptional. Every dish that I've ever had there has been out of this world.

You can tell that this is a family restaurant almost immediately.

The chef visits every table. One year I went for my birthday and one of my guests let it slip to the chef.

He went back into the kitchen and made a special corn meal pasta that he only makes for his family. It was incredible.

5 Reasons to Visit chose to spotlight an Italian restaurant that is no stranger to awards.

Have you ever been to Fascino's?

It's located at 311 Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair and has been named one of America's best Italian restaurants, by 5 Reasons to Visit.

NJ Monthly named this place one of the top 30 restaurants overall in New Jersey.


Chef Ryan leads a team that takes Italian cuisine very seriously. Chef's approach was described on the eatery's website.

Chef Ryan's "Italian without Borders" style is modern and seasonal, from housemade pasta to local fish & high-graded meat. Letting the ingredients shine in a cozy and intimate setting.

Time to make reservations.

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