Have you ever noticed certain foods sold in the supermarket are, how should I say this, questionable? Or more accurately, downright gross?

And the question that might come to mind is why? Who in their right mind would even consider purchasing such gross and disgusting foods?

Well, the reality is, enough to warrant supermarkets to sell them. This then leads to the next question, why would anyone eat such questionable foods? Is there something I’m missing here?

Before we dive into it, I wanted to first ask you. What foods in the supermarket do you find questionable or gross? Do you know anyone who would eat such foods? Or, are you one of those people who eats what others might consider disgusting? Please feel free to share in the comments.

Block of head cheese

Horribly smelly example

My own father is a great example of someone who is like this. There’s one food he’ll eat with no issues whatsoever that I simply cannot wrap my brain around.

Have you ever heard of pickled herring? It’s exactly what it sounds like, pieces of herring fish that’s been pickled. He can eat it straight from the jar with no problem whatsoever.

But I have to tell you, the first time I took a whiff of it I almost threw up. It was so gross smelling that I couldn’t even imagine having such a food product make contact with my mouth.

I guess that’s the kind of taste you acquire when you grow up having to eat every little bit of food you have like he did. Yes, that also includes things like the eyeballs of a chicken. Yum-yum!

Jar of pickled herring with onion and lemon

More questionable foods

Now I know pickled herring isn’t probably as well known as some of those other questionable foods, but believe me, it belongs on that list. As for others? Well, here’s a look at some of the more common food items people actually eat, including those of us in New Jersey. Yes, they are all items actually on our food shelves.

Nasty, disgusting food sold in NJ that people actually eat

From dairy to fish and even meats, these are just some of the foods sold in New Jersey markets that, for whatever reason, people actually eat.

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