Last week I shared that my wife Aubree was going to be getting a tattoo. Not just any, but one incredibly special to her. Our 2 year old son Atticus has autism. As a special ed language arts teacher she's been helping kids with various issues for years. Atticus couldn't have picked a more perfect mommy to raise him, for that and so many other reasons. I've never seen anyone love children the way she loves ours.

Aubree's tattoo
Jeff Deminski photo

Atticus was named after a character in Aubree's favorite book, To Kill A Mockingbird. Atticus Finch. A noble figure that showed integrity and wisdom in the trial of an innocent black man in the racist south. A symbol for autism is puzzle pieces. So to honor our boy she wanted a bird, specifically a finch, in flight, made of puzzle pieces. She took this challenge to Jamie at Sacred Space in Ottsville, PA.. Jamie got it, and the result was this one of a kind tattoo. This was only a few days ago so it's still in the process of healing and as anyone who knows anything about ink knows this will only get sharper and better from here.

Another special thing about this piece honoring our little warrior is the placement. Aubree has it on her inside forearm. She could have put it anywhere on her body that could be hidden away. She didn't want that. Too many special needs kids are in one way or another hidden from view, so she purposely wanted this out there. She wanted this seen. Not only to honor Atticus but all kids on the spectrum. As a teacher, each morning she stands and places her hand over her heart and recites the Pledge of Allegiance. She even thought through the placement knowing each morning during the pledge Atticus will be right near her heart.

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