When I heard that KISS will be coming to The Prudential Center in Newark for one last time on their "One Last Kiss: End Of The Road World Tour" on Aug. 14, I was reminded of my most embarrassing moment ever with a celebrity, who happened to be Gene Simmons. Note to self, if you're going to have an embarrassing moment with a celebrity, don't let it be with Gene Simmons.

It all started when I was invited to cover Gene's exclusive meet and greet at The Trocadero in Philadelphia. It was a special party as part of, "The Vault Experience" for those who purchased his box set, which came in a 38 pound safe. There, in front of about a hundred people crammed into the balcony while Gene was on stage taking questions and playing music, my phone starts ringing in the middle of Simmons telling a great Beatles story.

From there, everything goes into slow motion, as I can no longer remember how to turn it off. In my mind I'm thinking of the scene where I'm running and slowly mouthing 'Noooooo.' In the moment I want to throw my phone across the room.

Simmons, as soon as it rang, without missing a beat said, "I'll get that," but he wasn't done yet. When the laughter died down, he then asked, "Do they make that ring for men?" At the time my hair was longer prompting Simmons to add, "Are you a man, woman or other?" Now, usually I'm able to come up with something funny, but not this time. All I could come up with was, "All man," thinking to myself, "How lame is that?" Then when he finds out it's me he says, " Oh you're going to be popular in jail, just bring that ringer with you." At that point I just wanted to slither out the door.

Fortunately the people who invited me, as well as the fans who paid $2000 each to be there at, "The Vault Experience," enjoyed the laugh and the show went on. Here are some of your favorite KISS shows starting with Chris "Double Down" Swendeman:

Chris Swendeman: "My first show, seeing them in '84 on the Animalize tour. The 2nd, I was at a listening party at the old Ritz in NYC for the kickoff of their 'Revenge' album...and 3rd was seeing all original members on the Reunion Tour (twice!)"

John Tarricone: "The Reunion Tour In 96. I never got to see them in the 70’s, and this made up for that."

Howard Popper: "Dec. 22, 1976, The Spectrum. My first concert. Bob Seger opened for KISS. I was 12."

Dirk Alexander: "KISS shows were always great! I’m really looking forward to Ace doing his entire solo LP from ‘78 in a few weeks at the KISS convention."

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