Craig Carton, once a New Jersey 101.5 personality, is facing 45 years in prison. And he's begging for compassion.

He's said he's the survivor of childhood rape and that he is a recovering gambling addict. Former Gov. Chris Christie was one of 90 people to write letters to U.S. District Court Judge Colleen McMahon extolling Carton's character after Carton was convicted of fraud in a ticket reselling scheme.

There are current and former New Jersey 101.5 staffers among those who wrote letters. But you won't find Jim Gearhart's name at the bottom of one.

"He was pretty well universally considered by the staff, as I'd expressed before, a cancer on the radio station," Jim says in this week's  Jim Gearhart Show podcast, available here as well on iTunes and Google Play.

The two men were coworkers, but Jim says since their shifts were hours apart, they never met. Still, he says, Carton would make up mean-spirited lies about Jim on the radio. Jim recalls hearing once that he'd supposedly been picking on women with cancer.

"In my wildest flight of fancy, even evil flight of fancy, I'd never thought of such a thing," Jim says.

Why didn't Jim hit back? "There's an old axiom I thought was very sound: 'Never get into a pissing match with a skunk.'"

But how should one feel about a man "who operated out of relentless malice toward former or fellow employees, especially me," when that man is hitting a low?

Jim tells you in the latest podcast. Listen below or watch the video above.

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