The Governor wants to push the development of wind power with off shore turbines that would theoretically power 1.5 million homes. I chose the word "theoretically" because wind power is intermittent at best. And doesn't even compare to the steady, solid energy production from nuclear and natural gas. In nations like Germany that shelved many nuclear projects, the push for wind has actually had the unintended consequence of boosting coal. That's right, when the wind isn't blowing, you still need to keep the power on and in a nation that essentially dropped nuclear power, the reliable source is coal.

The argument has moved past what is best for our state. In terms of what's affordable, reliable and efficient, wind doesn't stack up at all to other clean and safe forms of energy production. The shills of the radical environmental movement must know this because their defense of the issue is all about "hitting clean, renewable energy goals."

I've written about energy issues in the past specifically to point out that natural gas and nuclear are the most cost effective, cleanest and most efficient ways to power New Jersey. We are missing tremendous opportunities to expand our tax base and keep energy costs low by redirecting focus to inefficient and environmentally questionable wind power. But wind is clean the radicals will tell you! Sure, but the machines that create power from it are not entirely friendly to marine life. Add the potential harm to whales the gross inefficiency with only solar performing worse, this is a bad investment for the taxpayers. Why do you think the private sector isn't rushing in unless governments hold out subsidies? Even the Dutch are having a hard time with wind...and they started it!

The question to you as a New Jersey resident and taxpayer is, just how much are you willing to pay for unreliable energy? We do not have an energy crisis in New Jersey. We have a fiscal crisis. Governor Murphy is beholden to the radicals because he know it's only a matter of time before the NJ voters who elected him are following through with their own exit plans. But in a 2020 primary, the left-wing Governor forcing subsidized, alternative energy into the grid, he'll have a good issue to run on with the Bernie crowd.

The good news for Garden Staters desperate for a government that will focus on affordability and prosperity is the Governor's plan is over 12 years. We'll have a chance in 2021 to undo the potential damage to our businesses and livelihood. Until then however, who speaks for New Jersey?

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