No one likes to talk about it now, but it wreaked havoc on many lives. Not just the COVID-19 virus but the persecution people faced who refused the vaccine.

They didn't trust it and they didn't feel like they needed it. But the media and government went full force after those who knew it wasn't right for them. It turns out that it didn't matter much whether you were fully vaccinated or not, people got "the vid."

In April at a CDC meeting in Atlanta, 181 people came down with COVID.

“The goals were to learn more about transmission that occurred and add to our understanding as we transition to the next phase of COVID-19 surveillance and response,” the CDC said in a May 26 statement.

One of the fascinating things they learned was that 99.4% of the people who tested positive received at least one COVID vaccine.

It matters little now and it's a well-known fact that people who got vaxxed still got the virus, but those who refused were impacted greatly and unfairly.

Phil Murphy

They're still pushing the vaccine in TV commercials and the government officials like Phil Murphy who vilified people for not getting the shot, say nothing about it now.

Do you remember in a campaign debate in his re-election bid when he likened not getting vaxxed to drunk driving? I do. I taped it. And the mostly Murphy audience applauded wildly.

You can listen to that audio below.

There have been no apologies to the people who lost their jobs or were ostracized and vilified at the urging of politicians like Murphy and the lapdog media. You should all remember and never let that happen again. They were wrong. They strong-armed people. They hurt people and they divided the country with fear and intimidation.

The people with the power were wrong and the people who doubted them were right. And they were punished for it.

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