This story seems pretty outrageous. A woman who was killed, authorities say, by her boyfriend had named him as the beneficiary of her 401(k). The accused, Mark Lyczak, is alleged to have killed Colleen Brownell and her stepsister on December 30th, 2017 in Collingswood.

According to the Courier-Post, Brownell had named Lyczak, her boyfriend for 20 years as the recipient of her retirement plan which has outraged her family, prompting them to file suit. Lyczak had abused Brownell to the point that she had moved into her stepsister’s house; she had a restraining order to keep him away from her house, her workplace, and her stepsister’s house.

The family alleges that Lyczak had attempted to strangle Brownell on “multiple occasions” during their relationship. The women were stabbed to death with a knife. Lyczak was banned from owning a weapon. Lyczak is being held in the Camden County Jail on murder and attempted murder charges. The amount of the retirement account is not known, but the family is requesting that they receive the disbursement instead of her alleged murderer.

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