The work seems to never end when you’re moving out of a house you’ve lived in for many years. My husband and I have been packing up for weeks now and we’ve started to get a little slap happy and when I was labeling the boxes, I knew I had to get specific. With four wardrobes just for my closet, “Judi’s closet” wouldn’t be enough to identify the box’s items. So I wrote “Dresses and hanging summer tops- Judi”, which admittedly was kind of dumb. I mean-obviously the tops are hanging. This was a box with a bar in it to hang stuff!

And as far as writing “Judi” on the box? No one else in my house wears dresses. So when my husband, Mark said “Obviously they’re your dresses and not mine!” I reminded him that in this day and age, you can’t assume anything. ANYONE can wear a dress-boy, girl or other. So, as you can see below, I labeled the box accordingly.

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