The whole dinner and a movie thing has been done.

We thought a better way to do it is movie first, then the dinner. What you really want to do after watching a movie is talk about it, remember favorite lines, things you loved and hated, right? If you have dinner and then see the movie, you're rushing through your meal to get to the show. Instead, relax and enjoy a great meal and discuss the movie that you just saw.

That's exactly what my podcast co-host Jay Black does every month with his wife, Kristina. And they have dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Casa Gennaro's. My friend Gennaro and his head chef Ben welcome Jay and Kristina in for an unforgettable dining experience.

The twist here is that the happy couple assigns movies for the other one to watch. So Jay sometimes gets stuck with a 'chick flick". But as you know, some of them are great movies!

Enjoy the latest movie review and dinner conversation! And when you make reservations at Casa Gennaro's, make sure you ask about the Veal Spadea!

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