You remember the classic Christmas special "A Charlie Brown's Christmas," correct? Probably the most depressing special after "It's a Wonderful Life?" In case you forgot how sad ole Chuck's tree was, here's a reminder.

Well move over Charlie Brown, the NJ101.5/ WPST studio is coming for your crown! We now house what I think might be the most depressing Christmas display one has ever seen.

This year, we at the radio ranch didn't quite deck the halls with boughs of holly, we more so decked the... floor tile?

Check it out:

That's it. That's the whole thing. It's seemingly not a work in progress, it's been like that for hours.

Is that not the saddest Christmas display you've ever seen? If I can even technically call it a "Christmas display?" I have so many follow-up questions.

Were these supposed to be hung up and the person whose job it was left to get lunch? Maybe they forgot they were in the middle of something? Surely this is some sort of accident.

Or worse: what if this was on purpose?!

Is this some sort of message to the staff? What is my takeaway supposed to be? I have a sneaking suspicion that Ebenezer Scrooge might be our new boss.

It could go even deeper than that: maybe someone in management is a soldier in the supposed War on Christmas!

Or perhaps a war on the holidays in general? It doesn't seem like these are targetted at specifically Christmas or Hannukah, just a general swipe at decorating for the holiday season.

Are they... okay? Who hurt them? How can I help?

Surely your holiday lights must look better than ours, and we want to see them! In case you didn't know we're holding a contest where you can win $1000. Check out all the info here and flex your holiday light muscles.

In the meantime, we'll work on springing for a strand of colorful lights... I hope.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5's Kylie Moore. Any opinions expressed are Kylie's own. You can follow Kylie on Instagram.

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