Regardless of species or breeds, the names people pick for their pets say a lot about the animals' personalities and their owners., the world's largest network of five-star pet sitters and dog walkers, just unveiled its 7th annual report of the year's most popular dog and cat names.

Kate Jaffe, trends expert and director of publishing at in Seattle, said that pop culture, such as shows people binge watch, was a huge influencing factor in how people named their dogs and cats.

This year, dogs were named after characters from "Game of Thrones." For example, name Arya Stark increased by 150% and was popular among cat owners, said Jaffe.

The name Maisel from Amazon Prime's "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" rose 1000% and character names from the show "Stranger Things" also trended higher.

Names inspired by star-studded musicians like newcomer Lizzo (up 100%) and Beyonce (up 78%) made huge gains. Taylor Swift's reputation is on track with a 400% increase.

The report also found that 55% of pet owners said their pet either has a human name or they would consider giving their pet a human name.

About 25% of pet owners also would consider giving their pet a name they had considered for their child. Trending baby names that inspired pet names included Dorothy, Elaine and Dennis.

Jaffe said the royal family has also been a source of inspiration for pet names this year, even in this country. The report saw that names like Megan, Diana and Queen Elizabeth were trending up for dogs.

Celebrity baby names were also influencing how people were naming their furry four-legged friends. Names like "Crue", "Stormi" and "Saint" were trending up for dogs, too.

One of the most favorite trends that inspired dog and cat names for 2019 were influenced by foods, especially sweets. Dogs named "Pancakes," "Muffin" and "Waffles" were all trending up year over year.

But the top favorite feline names for 2019, the first year the company tracked cats, are Luna, Bella and Kitty.

Jaffe said the top dog names for 2019 were similar to 2018: Bella, Luna, Lucy and Daisy kept the top spots for female dogs. Max, Charlie, Cooper and Buddy are also keeping their top ranks for male dogs in 2019.

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