It's beginning to look a lot like snow in New Jersey and if you're driving, you know you're going to get frustrated by the others on the road. Governor Murphy, who has brined and re-brined the roads, is getting salty with those who have a problem with it. See what I did there? Brine, salty... I provided a space on my social media for people to talk about what annoys us most about driving in the snow. You may want to read this before you hit the road. If in fact you do hit the road, be safe.

Giulio Poli: "get off the f'n road till we are done plowing"

Justin Morris: "Tell the scared idiots to stay off roads"

Tom Strauss: "People who think the road is a slalom course"

Michele Curci: "I’m a nurse, who has no choice but to drive in the snow, so I say, if you don’t need to be on the road, stay home."

Rick Verso: "If you have to be on the roads please slow down and give yourself plenty of room from the cars in front of you. It does not matter if you have AWD, 4x4, FWD, ABS, Traction control and or any other safety features on your vehicle...your vehicle can't stop on a dime on ice or heavy snow. Stay home if you can!"

John John Harvey: "The potholes that follow"

Sharon Pees: "People who drive too fast. I'm a turtle in the snow. I will always get home safely."
Annette Georgios: "Stay home"
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