'Givernor' Murphy and the State Attorney General Grewal put on a dog and pony show at a firehouse this week announcing a lawsuit against the IRS. I am no fan of the IRS or paying ANY income taxes, but this is a clear and obvious attempt to deflect any blame or responsibility for our outrageous tax burden in this state. For generations administrations and legislatures here have been unwilling or powerless to do anything about reducing the size of the corrupt and bloated government that costs us so much in taxes. So rather than fix the problems in our own house, these typical New Jersey politicians blame the feds for their mismanagement, waste and crony public worker union allegiances.

As you may know, the tax plan enacted by the Trump Administration in 2017 gave EVERYONE a lower federal income tax bill. BUT New Jersey and two other tax criminal states balked at the limitation of the SALT deductions to $10,000. It doesn't affect the majority of New Jersey residents, but it does hit some like myself. I did not get to receive some of my money back because I was not able to deduct all of the outrageous taxes I pay here in New Jersey. It certainly hurt me but I know where the fault lies. If 47 other states are happy with the new tax code because they don't rape their citizens, then why do these high tax states want to sue? Because they don't want to fix the out of control taxes that keeping feeding the insatiable beast of state government.

I guess most state residents might look at this story and see these two men as 'heroes of the New Jersey taxpayer', when it's quite the opposite. They want to keep abusing all of us taxpayers and shift the blame to the convenient and easy target, the Trump Administration. It's this kind of political pandering, smooth talking deception and general public ignorance that got this carpetbagging charlatan elected in the first place. It's easy to see through the obvious scam if you read past the headline, but who has time for that? Well, I'm glad you do.

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