Kaitlyn Schoeffel, Miss New Jersey and second runner up in the 97th annual Miss America pageant joined me Wednesday on the show.

As I explained in my previous post about the pageant, some of the questions to the contestants seemed overly political and decidedly biased against the current President. Kaitlyn was given a question about confederate monuments and she answered the question as well as any contestant in any pageant.

She explained her answer to me today on the air saying that she would not temper her beliefs and change her well thought out opinion just to score points with the judges. What a real moment of courage from a public person. She should be commended for her ability to keep a level head and stick to her principles in the heat of the moment.

Again, I think she'd have been an excellent representative for our nation as Miss America, but we're thrilled to have such a smart, strong and energetic representative for our state. Watch her, she's going places.

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