There's no disputing that attitudes towards work are different today than they were years ago. Millennials are a different breed. At the risk of generalizing, I'm going to generalize! (Only for the sake of this article.)

Many millennials have come to believe that the world owes them a comfortable workplace, when the fact is the world owes them absolutely nothing. Enter the cozy workspace circa 2017: It's got more comforts, gizmos, and just plain old gimmicks then the workplaces of yore.

I know that at my first few jobs in my 20s, I was well aware that the only thing my boss owed me was a paycheck, and even that was only if I really showed that I deserved it. Today, young people seem to think they deserve to feel good all day, to not be offended, to be acknowledged and rewarded, to be given a pat on the back, to feel safe and cozy. That's why you'll find many disenchanted adults once they finally grow up.

That's also why it takes a lot more than just money to make today's young employee feel satisfied and fulfilled in his or her job. According to Michele Siekerka, the president of the New Jersey Business and Industry Association, “Millennials are looking for a different type of work environment than the generation before them. They’re attracted to work environments that have a little bit more of that social aspect to it.”

She also said in work environments these days “you find a lot of Millennials wearing jeans and jackets. They’re maybe bringing their pets to work, you’ve got on-site cafes, a basketball court, things like that.”

I only hope that one day when they are parents, they realize the truth: that the world and their lives suck sometimes. And there ain't nothing they can do about it. I pray that that they don't teach their kids that the world needs to be cozy and comfy at all times.

If so, we're looking forward to a generation of soft, lazy, entitled little pansies.

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