As Derek Jeter makes his farewell tour through baseball, another up-and-coming New Jersey native is making his mark in Major League Baseball.

Mike Trout Gets Standing Ovation at Phillies Game
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Jeter, in case you didn’t know, was born in Pequannock Township where he spent the first four years of his life. Some say, including myself, that he embodies everything that is good about baseball at a time when baseball can really use it.

Jeter leaves the national past time in good “Jersey” hands as Mike Trout from Millville, who grew up a Phillies fan, is now tearing it up for the Los Angeles Angels.

Trout known in his hometown as ‘The Millville Meteor” had a breakout season in 2012, unanimously winning the American League (AL) Rookie of the Year Award, winning a Silver Slugger Award, and finishing runner-up to Miguel Cabrera in the AL Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award voting.

He got to bat for the first time in at Citizens Bank Park Tuesday night. The place he once tailgated on that magical night in 2008 when the Phils won the World Series. When [the Phillies] won the World Series in 2008," Trout recalled, "I was tailgating with my buddies in the parking lot. It was pretty crazy."

When he came to the plate Trout was greeted by a standing ovation that included over 4000 fans from his home town including the Millville Mayor who threw out the first pitch. Trout says he got chills. "It was an unbelievable feeling," Trout said. "To get an ovation like that means a lot to me.

Trout went 1 for 5 with a strikeout in the Angels 4-3 win.



Trout may not have the rings that Jeter has but it’s early yet for the 22 year old. He does represent the game very well and is definitely someone kids can look up to. You can say the same thing about Victor Cruz of the Giants by way of Patterson.


Who would you say are some other “Jersey Heroes” kids can look up to?

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