It was on Jan. 4, 2014, that 17-year-old Mike Nichols was playing the best game of his Monroe High School hockey career when he suffered an injury that would leave him paralyzed and change his life forever.

Mikey vowed that he would not be held back by his wheelchair nor would he let it define who he is.

He revealed his goals to me during his time as an intern on my show last year. These are goals that I have no doubt he will achieve. Mikey's energy, ideas and enthusiasm were an inspiration not because of his situation but because of who he is.

On this, the 5th anniversary of Mikey's injury, he tweeted his feelings and wrote a letter that says it all.


Here's hoping by the 10th anniversary, Mikey's out of that chair and on his feet again. Meanwhile, may he continue to make the progress that medical professionals call impossible.

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