It's a tough time to be a cop for sure. The media won't cut cops any slack and the narrative that cops are the "bad guys" continues to be pushed by corporate media and celebrities. Most recently, after a police officer in Ohio acted quickly to put down a threat which easily could have escalated with innocent lives lost, Lebron James thought to target him with a threat on social media.

What many people don't see, because it's not reported as often as it happens, is cops are assaulted every day in the US. Many are injured requiring hospitalization and many lose their lives. More than 50,000 LEOs are assaulted on average every year and we saw a 28% rise in officer killed in 2020. It's long past time to #BackTheBlue and stand up for the men and women who fight every day to keep our communities safe.

Today's honorees are Middle Township Police Officers Cpl. James D'Alonzo and Officer Christian Quaranta. Responding to a domestic violence call, Cpl D'Alaonzo was assaulted by the accused person outside while Officer Quaranta was interviewing the alleged victim inside. The perp struck the cop with a pair of boots and then proceeded to throw punches. The perp went for the corporal's gun and with the help of Officer Quaranta, they subdued the suspect.

This story is another example of thousands that we see every day facing our hero law enforcement officers. Thanks to Cpl. James D'Alonzo and Officer Christian Quaranta, another bad situation was stopped from becoming deadly.

Read the full story from the local newspaper HERE.

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2020 Blue Friday Honorees

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