It's a very simple message for anyone who doesn't have a birthday during the holidays. But before we touch on that, let's first give a quick shout to everyone who does have a birthday falling on or around Christmas.

Happy birthday to you! Whether it's belated or upcoming, I know this time of year can be tricky with many clumping the holidays in with your big day.

Although I don't have a birthday around Christmas, mine is in April and sometimes around Easter. I'll admit though, since that celebration isn't typically about giving gifts, I've never really been short-changed.

My sons, on the other hand, have, but for a very different reason. Because they're twins, they've been clumped together with one give for each of them to share.

Yes, they have a summer birthday, but why bother with gifts for each when just one will do for each of them? It's annoying to deal with as a parent, and I'm sure it's a similar feeling for you as well around the holidays.

It's that bah humbug feeling, which I'm sure is even worse than what my sons deal with. I know a few people myself who have birthdays right around Christmas and I've heard stories from them.


One person I went to school with. Her birthday is on Christmas day and she has told me in the past that she hated it.

Hated it because she was told way too many times that her gifts were for both Christmas and her birthday. I know not everyone with birthdays around the holidays is bothered by it, but enough are.

So again, for anyone with that double celebration this time of year, I hope you have/had a happy birthday this holiday season. With that said, here's a little message for the rest of us who do not have a Christmas season birthday.

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For those who don't have birthdays around Christmas

Take note of what was mentioned above. All too often they get short-changed with holiday and birthday celebrations.

I get that it can be an overlook, but try not to combine the two big days into one. After all, none of us asked to be born on or around Christmas.

It's two separate celebrations and should be treated as such. For those of us who don't have birthdays this time of year, let's try to get better at remembering who didn't ask to be doubled up.

Merry Christmas, happy birthday, and happy new year!

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